Help installing SSL on webmin?

  • garfe

    garfe - 2012-08-26

    From within inside Webmin, I am told that Authen::Libwrap failed and to perl -MCPAN - shell. But what does that mean, I have to download it from a site named CPAN? If so, I wouldnt know where it is. And when I try to install NetSSleay using these instructions I am told I'm getting error 1.

  • don rowe

    don rowe - 2012-08-27

    CPAN is a repository of perl modules such as Authen::Librwap.  Type (or copy and paste) "perl -MCPAN -e - shell" at the linux command line.  That puts you into the shell environment for managing CPAN modules.  Type "install Authen::Libwrap".  To exit the shell, type "exit"

    A search for "perl cpan shell" will probably turn up more info.


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