How to block or restrict users

  • Pete

    Pete - 2011-03-26

    Through the webmin 1.530  interface I have not been able to find how to control any means of blocking local users on a linux platform.  The webmin configuration shows a module for "Blocked Hosts and Users" but it doesn't provide a means of editing anything.

    How exactly does one block a paticular user or group from access to webmin?

  • Liu Xing

    Liu Xing - 2011-04-04

    I also want to know.

  • Fajar Priyanto

    Fajar Priyanto - 2012-03-29

    Hi. This is the trick that I use.
    I use Ubuntu, and have several admins.
    Let's say admin: A, B, C, D
    To restrict:
    - create webmin group: cannotlogin
    - create webmin user by converting Unix to Webmin user, put them into cannotlogin group. Or if you already add the user, put them into the that group, remove from any other group.
    - click on each and every user A, B, C, D. And change "Password"  to "No password accepted".
    Test as the user to login to webmin. They will be denied from Login.


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