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Mark H
  • Mark H

    Mark H - 2014-01-16

    I'm running Webmin 1.670 on FreeBSD 9.2 and have only just noticed I can't create new cron jobs or save changes to existing cron jobs because all the buttons / links are missing at the bottom of the section eg "Save & Run", "Save" etc.

    Checked this in Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox with the same result. I cannot confirm whether 1.670 has caused this as I have not tried to change a Cron job for a while.

    Possible bug ??

  • petminky

    petminky - 2014-01-26

    Hi Mark,

    I have the same problem here. (running Webmin 1.670 on FreeBSD 9.2)


    If you view the page source on the "create new cron job" where it hangs you will see "This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them." Same problem with "create new database" Using the latest versions of Firefox and IE 10.

    I switched back to the "Old Webmin Theme" and now I can create cron jobs and databases.

    Seems the problem is theme related to modern browsers not supporting < iframe >.

    Was using the blue-theme before.

    Any help here? The old theme totally sucks. Thanks.

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  • Mark H

    Mark H - 2014-01-27

    Hi petminky,

    I raised this as a bug as mine was working fine on the previous version, 1.660 ...

    I'm about to uninstall 1.670 and put 1.660 back on. I'm sure this has nothing to do with frames though.

  • Shamus James

    Shamus James - 2014-01-29

    I applied the patch for edit_cron.cgi and it works.

    For the MySQL problem I changed

    $out = &capture_function_output
    $out = &capture_function_output_tempfile

    in newdb_form.cgi and it works again. Yay, I am thrilled!

    Last edit: Shamus James 2014-01-29

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