Web server port

  • Cruzer

    Cruzer - 2006-08-16

    After uninstalling Webmin and re-installing it I get the error message:
    TCP port 10000 is already in use by another program

    • NoDoze

      NoDoze - 2006-11-06

      I have the same issue....looks like no one is responding....

      • craigbass76

        craigbass76 - 2007-04-09

        Well, I forgot to kill it first, and doing what delleray said allowed things to install lickety split.

    • Terhi

      Terhi - 2006-11-09

      Edit file /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf
      => port=<someotherport>

      then restart webmin

    • d elleray

      d elleray - 2006-12-01

      try a ps -ef | grep webmin
      to see if webmin is still running

      (you did stop it before deleting it did you? if not you need to /etc/init.d/webmin stop or if that isn't there kill the process shown when you issued above command)


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