installing webmin over a running samba + ldap

  • sr7

    sr7 - 2007-04-22

    I am a newbie with webmin, bur I like to know, if it is possible to install webmin over a running samba server and ldap server. will webmin take over the whole existing configs? or will it be like this, that webmin is going to replace them?

    thanks a lot

    • Rodrigo

      Rodrigo - 2007-04-25

      webmin only reads the configs, doenst create/replace or change config files...

      Go ahead and make a backup of your config files anyway.


    • sr7

      sr7 - 2007-04-30

      hey thanks a lot rodrigo!
      where am i going to find the config files I should backup?
      OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 (Novell)...

      Thanks to the community,

    • Rodrigo

      Rodrigo - 2007-05-03

      As far as the samba config file, you should be able to find the smb.conf file in your system, not sure about SUSE, but i think the path should be /etc/samba/smb.conf

      its only a precaution, instaling webming would not touch the file, it will only ready it to diplay it once you log in to webmin

      as far as the LDAP i have no idea of what to look for, but again, it will be the same kind of deal...

      hopefully someone can tell you what config files you could backup.



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