CentOS 7 and Webmin

  • John Carver

    John Carver - 2014-09-03

    Webmin 1.700 on CentOS 7

    When I enter the firewall module I see "The Redhat IPtables startup script /etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables was not found on your system."

    I see that the file has been moved and a ticket (at http://sourceforge.net/p/webadmin/bugs/4028/#0aaa) indicating it's been fixed. But it's not fixed here:) Can anyone tell me if I need to go into the module configuration and change some setting or locations to get it working?

    Many thanks!

  • John Carver

    John Carver - 2014-09-03

    Following up here... Further research has shown me that CentOS 7 no longer uses IPTables but firewall (but I can always disable it and use iptables). So I suppose my question should be; will Webmin ever have a module for firewalld?

  • Jlatino

    Jlatino - 2014-10-29

    I would like some help, I installed Centos and Webmin 7, everything ok, but when I disconnect and call does not access, and found that because of "The Redhat IPtables /etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables startup script was not found on your system. "as secure" firewall-cmd --add-port = 10000 / tcp ", how do I get it fixed. Please one help will be appreciated.

    • derdeagle

      derdeagle - 2014-11-03

      Did you know there was a --permanent paremeter for firewall-cmd? I guess this should do the trick!

  • gandolf

    gandolf - 2014-11-06

    a good resource for these type compatibility issues is howtoforge.com

  • joopbraak

    joopbraak - 2014-11-10

    yum install iptables-services

  • anlarye

    anlarye - 2015-03-07

    Doesn't look like the question was answered is there a module for RE/CentOS/Fedora's FirewallD system?

    Last edit: anlarye 2015-03-07
  • Bruce Friend

    Bruce Friend - 2015-03-19

    I'm wondering the same thing. To my way of thinking, reverting to iptables is just a work around. There needs to be a module for firewalld. There would need to be a valid security reason for not creating a module. I have not seen one yet.


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