RPC error : Invalid user for RPC

  • Christian Lahti

    Christian Lahti - 2007-02-10

    Hello All:

    I am a longtime user of webmin and this is actually the first real problem I have run into.  I have three servers hosted at an ISP: headserver, ha1server and ha2server.  I want to manage the users/groups using the Cluster Webmin Users and Groups from the headserver, so per the documentation I have added the ha1server and ha2server to Webmin Servers Index with "login with username and password" set to a valid webmin account.  I also set "Use fast RPC calls" to true.  This all goes fine and I can drill through to the other servers by clicking the icon.  Now I go to Cluster Webmin Servers and try to add those two servers as managed, they show up in the drop list but when I attempt to add them I get the following error message:

    Invalid RPC login to ha1server

    So I am imagining this might be a firewall problem as these boxes are fairly isolated.  What port(s) should be open between the boxes to get this to work?  Could this be a different problem? Webmin is listening on port 10000 in SSL mode, running the latest 1.320 version on all boxen.  Please help!

    Thanks in advance


    • Christian Lahti

      Christian Lahti - 2007-02-10

      Actually I fixed the problem, not optimally.  I had created a webmin user on both ha1server and ha2server called webmincluster, gave rights to all modules and assigned a password.  These were the credentials I was using from headserver to login to the other boxes, and this generated the RPC error.  I changed the credentials to use root and the problem went away.  Very strange indeed.


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