• Manni Mueller

    Manni Mueller - 2009-03-28

    Hello folks,

    I started a PPTP VPN Server on my Debian Sarge Server with Webmin 1.470. When I go to "Active Connections" I can not see the Username of connected Users. There is always written "Unknown".....
    Is ist possible to change this?

    Additionally I would like to log how many traffic every User used. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance

  • Jorge Moises

    Jorge Moises - 2012-08-30

    I read this:

    PPTP VPN Server
    Usernames for active connections are now show, if logged in /var/log/messages.

    But i dont know how to do that

  • Jorge Moises

    Jorge Moises - 2012-08-30

    Did somebody know how to fix this? thanks

  • Sandro Santos

    Sandro Santos - 2014-01-21

    I'm having this same problem in autal version in ubuntu. And how could not find a solution, I created my own.

    In my case, I changed the file "pptp-server-lib.pl" in webmin folder, under "sub list_connections":

    from: if (/pppd\[(\d+)\].*authentication\s+succeeded\s+for\s+(\S+)/i) {
    to: if (/pppd\[(\d+)\].*logwtmp\.so\s+ip-up\s+ppp\d+\s+(\S+)/i) {

    obs:. The line in the log (/var/log/syslog) is different from expected.

    from: Local ($iface) = grep { $_->{'address'} eq $lip && $_->{'ptp'} eq $rip } @ifaces;
    to: Local ($iface) = grep { $_->{'address'} eq $lip && $_->{'ptp'} eq $rip2 } @ifaces;

    obs:. because "$_->{'ptp'}" don't returns the external IP of the remote client.

    Last edit: Sandro Santos 2014-01-21

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