IPTables Functionality missing in webmin Interface

  • Jim Mashore

    Jim Mashore - 2013-10-29


    If from the command line I execute :
    /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -i eth0 -m state --state NEW -m recent --set
    /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -i eth0 -m state --state NEW -m recent --update --seconds 60 --hitcount 4 -j DROP

    and then look at that rule from the webmin interface, I don't see anything about blocking the ip for seconds after a hitcount of 4

    Am I doing something wrong ? Although there is similar functionality in the ssh configuration it would be nice to keep all my filtering in iptables

  • gandolf

    gandolf - 2013-10-29

    years back i was new to it all and struggled with ip tables - no fault of webmin. we went with ConfigServer Security & Firewall and use the webmmin module for that. it may interface with iptables. has nice easy interface along with a more complex file change checker. give it a look.

    we also bought a performance router and did a lot of filtering there to help the server out. thats also very worth a look into.

    Last edit: gandolf 2013-10-29

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