Gaurav Dasgupta - 2012-08-17

Hi All,

I have installed Webmin in my localhost (CentOS 6.2 machine) to understand its operation and installed various sub modules. I have come across to a problem while exploring it.

Under the "Cluster" section, in the "Cluster Software Packages" module, when I am trying to install any software package from YUM, it gives me the following error message:
Failed to install on this server : An error occurred installing the specified updates

When I am installing the same package from command line using YUM, its installing fine. I cannot even find where the webmin logs are located.
I am unable to install packages only using YUM. Otherwise, I can install the same packages from "http URL" section.

Also, if go to "Software Packages" module inside the "System" section, I can install packages from YUM. In this case, I can see the command "yum -y install <package>" displayed and the installation steps as well.

Can any one help me regarding solving this problem?

Gaurav Dasgupta