Tristan Bettany - 2013-01-28


I have recently installed Webmin on Ubuntu Server 12.10. I use Software Raid and after installing the 'mdadm' package I was happy to see that there was a nice interface in Webmin to manage arrays.

Although, I was hoping to find out If I am looking in entirely the wrong place for a function for growing an array. After removing disks and replacing them with new ones very easily using Webmins interface, I had to run the following commands from the console.

sudo mdadm -grow /dev/md0 -size=max
sudo resize2fs /dev/md0

I feel I may be looking in the wrong place for a grow function function on Webmin purely due to the amount of things it can already do I would be surprised to see this function not being added to Webmins interface and somehow getting overlooked.

Anyway, I hope someone can point me in the right direction, If it turns out that growing an array and its file system is not yet a function of Webmin then its no bother as its only a few commands via SSH.