Version 1.330-1 rpm is broken

Mark Wolf
  • Mark Wolf

    Mark Wolf - 2007-03-27

    The rpm for version 1.330-1 is broken. I appears to install correctly but it does not install the /etc files. I tried to install using rpmbuild on the spec file and it reported and error about copyright: freeware. I removed the line and it then complained about the need for a license data. I replace the line Copyright: freeware with License: GPL. I then rebuilt the rpm using the modified spec file and every thing install correctly.

    If you had a previous version installed this problem is masked because the /etc files are there from the earlier version and webmin will start. This issue arose when I used the rpm to do a fresh install on a new server.


    • Tom Bradford

      Tom Bradford - 2007-03-30

      This might be why my installation of v1-330-1.noarch.rpm doesn't seem to work.  Or might not.

      I can't log-on to the server using localhost:10000 and when I tried to follow the instructions about getting through firewall couldn't find the specified /etc/sysconfig/ iptables file, just an iptables.config file.

      Could someone provide an idiot's guide to rectifying this, please.

      • d elleray

        d elleray - 2007-03-31

        try just stopping iptables (if that is the firewall running)

        service iptables stop

        and then get into webmin

        prove it is running first by

        service webmin stop
        service webmin start


    • Tom Bradford

      Tom Bradford - 2007-03-31

      Um, if I try: 'service iptables stop'I get 'iptables is not a valid service name'.

      If I try 'service webmin stop' I get 'webmin is not a valid service name'.

      If I try 'service webmin start' I get 'webmin is not a valid service name'.

      • d elleray

        d elleray - 2007-03-31


        you didn't say what os....

        try /etc/init.d/webmin status

        try /etc/init.d/iptables status
        then /etc/init.d/iptables stop


    • Tom Bradford

      Tom Bradford - 2007-03-31

      >>>you didn't say what os....

      CentOS 4.3

      >>>try /etc/init.d/webmin status

      = webmin (pid 7110) is running

      >>>try /etc/init.d/iptables status

      = firewall is stopped

      >>>try /etc/init.d/iptables stop

      =flushing firewall rules    [OK]
      setting chains to policy ACCEPT:
          mangle   nat  filter    [OK]
      Unloading iptables modules [OK]

      Trying gets

      Error - Bad Request
      This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://elaine.totaranui:10000/ instead.

      Trying the URL gets me an IE cannot connect message.

      Now the confession/s:-

      1.  I'm not familiar with Linux but for my sins have taken on the admin of a non-profit community-owned wireless network in New Zealand to bring a half-way decent Internet connection to a remote and rural location.

      2.  I installed webmin onto CentOS + SME v7 on what is intended to become our server.  I assume SME is also running and have no idea how to stop it.  Dunno if that's relevant but elaine.totaranui is the machine name/domain I gave SME.

      Sorry if I wasted your time.

    • Tom Bradford

      Tom Bradford - 2007-03-31

      OK, acting on instinct I tried and got in to webmin. 

      Looks easier for a newbie like me to cope with, so how do I disable SME as presumably I don't need that running at the same time?


    • Tom Bradford

      Tom Bradford - 2007-04-01

      Now it's stopped working.  init.d tells me that webmin is running and the firewall is stopped.  I can log-on to SME at but simply times out.


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