how about a "custom module"

  • keksinat0r

    keksinat0r - 2007-04-13

    ive got lots of servers running on my machine,
    but webmin's not supporting them, so i cant control them via webmin...

    so how about a "custom module" ?
    a module that can easily be configured for any server...
    you know...
    you define some config-files, start and stop commands, ...

    - keksinat0r

    • Rodrigo

      Rodrigo - 2007-04-13

      can you tell us what the servers are? just the software name... perhaps there is some 3rd party modules for it already

      If you know the command line commands for the servers you want to start/stop/etc... you can probably create some custom commands under: Others>>Custom Commands.

    • keksinat0r

      keksinat0r - 2007-04-13

      ngIRC - NextGeneration IRC

      coustom commands...
      well they're just not as good as real modules...
      Thats why i would like to have a custom module. :)

      - keksinat0r

    • Rodrigo

      Rodrigo - 2007-04-18

      Go ahead and create the modules you need...


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