Mido - 2012-03-19


I installed webmin on my Debian server with the hostaname (server1.mydomain.com). it comes with 2 ip's so i used 1st ip to point to the main website and primary DNS (ns1.mydomain.com) and the 2nd to point to the secondary DNS (ns2.mydomain.com) and as shared ip for my other websites. things worked perfectly with virtualmin and usermin.

after a while i got my second Debian server with the hostname (server2.mydomain.com) and want to use the same DNS's of my first server.

in other words i want to host the primary DNS (ns1.mydomain.com) on the first server and host the secondary DNS (ns2.mydomain.com) on the second server as a slave.

what should i do in order to make it work?. i will receive my second server tomorrow and i don't want to screw it up.

I tried to search this forum but the keyword "DNS" came up with hundreds of threads none of them with a title that shows anything relevant to my situation, and after reading a lot (and i mean A LOT) i gave up :(

now if someone can help me with this or direct me to a tutorial somewhere else i would grateful.

Best Regards