State of the Webmin Debian Package

  • dreamwalker7

    dreamwalker7 - 2014-07-03


    I'm a bit confused about the state of the debian webmin package.

    Some time ago webmin was containned within the stable debian branch.
    I was suprised I couldn't find it in Debian 'Wheezy'.

    I read on the debian mailing list, that it had been removed, because the package had no active maintenance.

    Yet it was no problem to install the current webmin version via the webmin apt repository mentioned on the webmin site.

    I don't care if the debian package is provided by the debian- or the webmin team, but I'd like to know if there is an actively maintaind debian package, because I'd like to use webmin in one of my Debian-based customer-projects.

    Is that possible via the apt mirror provided by the webmin team or should I prefere a binary download and installation?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Fred Grayson

    Fred Grayson - 2014-07-07

    The packages available from the Webmin site will be current. Is there some reason you can't use the .deb found there?

  • dreamwalker7

    dreamwalker7 - 2014-07-08

    Hi Fred,

    thanks for your reply.

    I tried the deb-package from the webmin apt mirror and I know, that this version seeems to work in Debian "Wheezy".

    I'm curious about the update-policy of the official webmin debian package.

    E.g. if an update of a native debian package from stable (e.g. perl/libauthen-pam-perl/...) breaks some webmin-functionality: will it be fixed in webmin? And if it will be fixed: how long might it take to get a new working debian package from the official debian mirror?

    LTS support for Debian Squeeze will end in Feb-2016, so still a lot of incompatible package updates might occure.

    If webmin would be a native debian package IMHO it would be the responsible of the debian team to release compatible updates.

    But - as stated in the original question - webmin is (no longer) part of the official debian distribution.

    Is there something like an LTS concept for the webmin package? Have incompatible package updates been a problem in the past?


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