mielie007 - 2007-03-20

I'm new to webmin...and to linux for that matter.

Please can somebody give me a step by step how to on setting up webmin to share the my internet connection with my winxp desktop.

this is how i have set up my home network. i have a pc running ubuntu 6.10 server and a pc running winxp pro, they are connected to a D-link 8 port switch. i have a pppoe wireless modem has a ethernet connection connected to the switch. i have my ubuntu server setup so that i can dial up using the ppp dialer that comes with ubuntu.

i would like to eventualy keep my server running 24/7 and have it connected to the internet at all times, so i can host a couple of sites on it. But i would like to still be able to connect to the internet with my winxp pc through the network.

at the moment, if i want to surf i use the dialer that come with the modem and dial in while the modem is connected to the switch. when i want to connect the server i have to drop my modem connection on my winxp pc and then, using putty, log into my server and give it the command to dial up.

please can somebody help.