date in backupfiles

  • Darko Palic

    Darko Palic - 2006-04-05


    I am using the Filesystem Backup module, and I have no idea how to create dump-files in the style
    and so on
    20060405 is the current date.

    Does anybody has an idea?

    best regards,

    • NHDave

      NHDave - 2006-06-02

      Filesystem Backup module config
      Do strftime substitution of backup destinations

    • John Taylor

      John Taylor - 2008-08-08

      Yes, and when you name your backup files, you need to use the format like: <servername>.%d%m%y.tar.gz (assuming you are doing tar backups).

      So mine would look like:

      fileserver1.%d%m%y.tar.gz  == fileserver1.08.08.2008.tar.gz

      • Fred Philpott

        Fred Philpott - 2008-08-19

        I'm using Webmin 1.32 with Mandriva 2007.0

        When I put date variables into my file name they do not work.

        I put in a file name car2009.%d.tar.bz2 and that's exactly what gets saved.

        Any ideas?

    • John Taylor

      John Taylor - 2008-08-19

      Have you selected the strftime substitution in the module config? It should be the first option in the Filesystem Backup config.


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