autotron - 2012-01-30

I am having a small issue with ssl and am not sure where to look. I set up my server with ubuntu 11.04 added LAMP, APC, Memcached and webmin, now the issue I am having is if I try to browse to webmin via  I get
Error - Bad Request
This web server is running in SSL mode.
so Need to open with https …this is not the issue I can open with https no problem after accepting the certificate webmin works fine, BUT now after setting up a site in /var/www/  I try to browse to it via https and the page just times out
Unable to connect
      Firefox can't establish a connection to the server
but the site comes up just fine using http.
I need this site to work on both http and https but cant find how to configure it, i know ssl is installed or webmin would not work with https…so why wound anything else?