Björn Stenmark - 2010-12-07

I moved from a server with centos to debian. There has been some issues but most seem to have been solved. One thing still being a problem is that servers restarts itself, that is, if you turn off proftpd and dovecot, they are restarted automatically within minutes (guessing I turn them off both at startup, and manually from the system information page. I have even installed sysv-rc-conf and made sure they are shut down.

Webmin (virtualmin) were installed by using the installation script provided from the homepage.

I would be greatful if someone could take the time to point me in the right direction for solving the issue, i have searched these forums and the net but haven't been able to find any help. Initially i searched for something like dovecot service restarts webmin but…

I'm not a total newbie but obviously not experienced enough to solve this.