Reverse DNS

  • CyborgPrime

    CyborgPrime - 2007-05-31

    This is not entirely a webmin issue- but I would like to know where in webmin I should be fixing this problem.

    If users log onto squirrelmail and send mail to AOL it gets rejected with a reverse DNS error (no reverse dns for - this is the FQDN of the server). 

    If users send mail through a pop mail client everything works fine (outgoing mail is usually carried through their ISP though).

    Does anybody know how to get the reverse DNS working?  Where am I supposed to change this info?  No matter what I do, I keep getting that DNS error.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • James Butler

      James Butler - 2007-05-31

      You want whoever manages your DNS records to add a "PTR" (reverse IN-ADDR) entry pointing to your mail server's IP. If you think they may have trouble doing that, ask them to make sure the PTR record matches your A (authoritative) record.

      See RFC 1912 Section 2.1 for more.



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