N Ward - 2003-02-01

I have been attempting for MONTHS to integrate webmin with apache.  I continually have two errors that appear in my error logs: 
[Sat Feb 01 11:52:58 2003] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.cgi, referer: http://www.norrcomm.org/
[Sat Feb 01 11:52:58 2003] [error] [client] Can't do setuid, referer: http://www.norrcomm.org/

I followed the instructions set out on http://www.webmin.com/apache.html and making the changes necessary for my system.

I am running RedHat 8 kernel 2.4.19,and webmin 1.050.  I have perl 5.6.1 installed.  Here is my apache config for webmin:

DocumentRoot "/usr/libexec/webmin"
ServerName webmin.norrcomm.org
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi pl
SetEnv WEBMIN_CONFIG "/etc/webmin"
SetEnv WEBMIN_VAR "/etc/webmin"
SetEnv SERVER_ROOT "/usr/libexec/webmin"
SetEnv MINISERV_CONFIG "/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf"
<Directory "/usr/libexec/webmin">
Options ExecCGI
#SetHandler cgi-script
AuthName "Webmin"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user
AuthUserFile /etc/webmin/htusers
DirectoryIndex index.cgi
XBitHack on
DirectoryIndex index.cgi
XBitHack on