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  • Graeme Neatham

    Graeme Neatham - 2005-06-13

    I'm running FreeBSD 4.11 and have just installed, using portinstall, webmin-1.210_1. 

    Whenever I try to start webmin I get a segmentation fault and a core dump file, perl.core.

    Anyone help would be appreciated.

    • Leland V. Lammert, PhD

      Why are you using a port? There's nothing to install other than Perl scripts,. . try the main version from Webmin.

    • Graeme Neatham

      Graeme Neatham - 2005-06-13

      I use ports because they're convenient.  Anyway deinstalled the port and removed the webmin directories.  Downloaded the tarball, ran tar -xvzf, and then installed useing

      Still got this at the end of the installation

      Attempting to start Webmin mini web server..
      Starting Webmin server in /usr/local/lib/webmin
      Segmentation fault (core dumped)
      ERROR: Failed to start web server!

      • Leland V. Lammert, PhD

        That would rule out the port, .. since all webmin is running is Perl:

        1) What errors are in miniserv.error?
        2) Has been created?
        3) Is your perl installation valid?
        4) Are you running anything that could be conflicting with the port you're trying to run Webmin against?
        5) Anything flakey with permissions on /var/webmin or /etc/webmin?

        I would suspect a permission issue with /var/webmin.


    • Graeme Neatham

      Graeme Neatham - 2005-06-14

      Well, it's something to do with perl.  I am running 5.8.6 installed from ports - SpamAssassin runs OK as do my own perl scripts.  If I run 'use.perl system' to switch back to the initially installed perl (5.005.03) then miniserv starts with no problem at all.  If I switch back with 'use.perl port' then I get the segmentation fault.

      Not sure where to go from here as I don't want to downgrade  my perl version just for the sake of webmin.


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