How use Webmin backup to NAS device??

tom lyczko
  • tom lyczko

    tom lyczko - 2006-08-15

    Hi, I have an Infrant ReadyNAS NAS device to which I would like to back up using Webmin's backup utility.

    The NAS allows NFS mounting and can have rsync turned on. I found Syncmin but that doesn't tar up the files, it only synchronizes and does incrementals, I need full backups and I need to run pre- and post-backup commands.

    Thank you, Tom

  • Jonah Naylor

    Jonah Naylor - 2015-10-26

    Hi I'm also trying to find out how to do this. I have tried via FTP to do the filesystem backup but can't get it to work. Webmin also wants 'file or device' rather than a path which I think is also throwing me out??

    Any help really appreciated, just a standard sftp connection would be great for me over a local ip address...


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