Leguan-tm- - 2003-02-12

Hi I have installed suse8.1 with a minimun Installation and installled webmin 1.050 afterwards.
all is fine.
X Window is not an should be not installed

But how can i set ACLs?
I need them for Samba.

ACl ist activated in fstab an i can change acl via the commandline . but it is terrible to set 20 Users and groups for 12 Directorys  via commandline.

But when i try to change the acl via Webmin (Filemanger) i get always the error:

Unable to execute setfacl invalid option -- S

I have installed webmin and samba some weeks ago all worked fine but a hardwarecrash caused me to reinstall.

If  am remembering right there was a module or gui in Webmin that let me set the ACLs via GUI and i have not used the filemanger.

Has anyone a hint ive searchd the Internet now for almost two days.

Thank you Leguan-tm-