Nap - 2012-07-16

Awesome application!!  Nice and intuative to use.
My install went smoothly until the end where I was instructed to log in via the https://localhost:10000 .  Clearly a mistake. using my domain name worked better.

Not that Webmin is running,  I do have a couple questions about configuring it further.

I'm running a VPS (Ubuntu 10.04 LST, ISPConfig3, Webmin) with a few domains hosted that are unrelated and are controlled by others.

1) How do I configure Webmin to allow me to use one of the hosted domains (the hosting provider in this case) but not the others?  Since all the the hosted domains point to the same IP, I can use any of the virtualhost domains to access webmin.  Can this be done with mod_rewrite?  If so, what file/folder do I need to look at?

2) If I try to access webmin through http, I naturally get an error message.  But what I can't figure out is where the error message text/html is stored. I've searched my apache2 config folder, looked in sites-available and sites-enabled, and /usr/share/apache2/error but can't find anything relating to Webmin.
The problem I'm having is the error message is showing the HOSTNAME as part of the URL and the domain mentioned is wrong.  Frankyly I do not want this info showing on this page!!  I want to edit the error message to remove it but can't find what to edit.

I've figured out that miniserv has something to do with this.

Any quick answers?