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Failed to save mailbox : The username is long

  • CyberOpz

    CyberOpz - 2007-05-16


    I've installed Webmin and Virtualmin on a FreeBSD 6,2. Everything is configured and working except long usernames. I've changed UT_NAMESIZE and
    MAXLOGNAME in /usr/src/include/utmp.h and /usr/src/sys/sys/param.h, then recompiled and can now add users to the system with the 'adduser' command with usernames longer than 16 chars.

    Now when I try to add a user in virtualmin, I get an error:

    Failed to save mailbox : The username xxxxx-yyyyyy is longer that the maximum allowed on this system (16 characters)

    Whats wrong? I've searched the web, but without any luck :(

    Thanks for your help


    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2007-06-06

      I've just filed a bug about this here:

      Virtualmin is correctly preventing you from creating unusable users...but it goes on the assumption that you're using the default kernel and tools.  Since that's not always the case (I've been hearing from a few others who have rebuilt to get longer names, and it seems to be getting more common...maybe someday the FreeBSD guys will fix it at the system level), it should be configurable.  It will be in some near future version of Virtualmin.


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