John Taylor - 2008-08-08

Bit of background info - I am running Webmin 1.420 on Ubuntu 7.10, and manage a number of RedHat servers using the Webmin Servers Index feature, which is making fast RPC calls to the other servers.

However, I get a "basic: Exception: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Incompatible magic value" error message when trying to use the Webmin file manager on a server managed via my main one.

If I load the File Manager module on the main host, it works just fine both under IE and Firefox 3.

My guess is that there needs to be some flag set somewhere that allows my main webmin server to act as a proxy between my client workstation and the server I'm trying to manage. I just don't know where or what it is!

Any info would be much appreciated, this is a very annoying "bug".