e-mail problems with postfix

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson

    Hello all,

    I would like to state that I like webmin and virtualmin.

    I have successfully setup my server and I can ad virtual domains with virtualmin and everything seems right. but I noticed that when I create a new e-mail account it actually creates 2 users. say that I made an e-mail address bob@domain.com, well it will also make the user bob-domain.com . I don't understand this but I do know that it is mapped somehow with aliases.

    So I also noticed that if I send an e-mail to bob@domain.com and I use the read user mail module, the mail shows up under the bob-domain.com user account. Why is that? I also noticed that when I use squirrel mail to login from the web, that there is no mail in the inbox.

    Is this because I have a configuration wrong? Is it in postfix config or virtualmin config? I set up postfix based on some info from another webpage, and it told me to make a symbolic link from /var/spool/mail to /home/mail, and that is where all of my mail sits. If I go to the directory /home/mail, there are files in there like bob@domain.com and bob-domain.com and this is the inbox file. Not sure what I did but something is weird.

    Any Help would be great.
    Thanks in advance.
    John Carlson

    • Joe Cooper
      Joe Cooper

      Hey John,

      Using @ in usernames isn't entirely recommended (though it is well-support by Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin, it is not necessarily by other tools).

      In this case, the problem is with using mbox mail spools--there are two mboxes since there are two users.  If you switch to Maildir, the problem with SquirrelMail will go away.  I can't think of a good solution that allows use of mbox format mail spools (Maildir is a superior format in almost every way, anyway, so no harm in switching).

      There is a FAQ about other issues with @ in usernames, and workarounds, here:  http://www.virtualmin.com/faq/one-faq?faq_id=1511#51230

      Note that the problems with @ aren't Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin problems (all of which have much extra code to make them work well with @ and the bonus - user needed to make other parts work).  They are issues with Postfix, saslauthd, Dovecot, etc.