insomne3065 - 2006-10-27

Im not sure if there is a cronjob or what the problem is, but webmin runs fine for me until night, then it is no longer accessible via http, it doesnt find the page.  I did a ps -e  and is still running in the morning when I wake up though I cant get to webmin.  Even if I do the ./restart script and restart miniserv I still get get in, only a server reset fixes the problem.

Im running a brand new fresh build of linux Redhat EL 4.0.  The only other thing on the server is webmin and net:ssleay (for ssh).  Ive tried using 1.290 version of webmin, same thing happens.  I have another server thats configured with same OS, same 1.290 and webmin runs fine there. 

Any ideas what would cause it to hang nightly on me?