ouch... change password and save user

  • chris kross

    chris kross - 2002-08-05


    I'd be very happy if somebody out there could help me. I'm new to linux and webmin and I do really not understand whats going on.

    System: Red Hat 7.2
    Webmin: 0.9x - 0.999

    2 weeks ago I've tried to change the password of one of my "linux user accounts". After seeing the browser loading for about 4 minutes the browser hang and told me error 500.

    Since then every time I try to add a new user I get error! I did update webmin (directly by using webmin) hoping this would be fixed but nothing.

    I've no idea where to start looking, all I get is error 500 when trying to add a new user or change the password of a already created user.

    Any help?

    Thanks a lot and greets from Italy,

    • chris kross

      chris kross - 2002-10-15

      well months went over since my post but the situation is still the same (I have upgraded webmin.... but I still get this error).

      Could somebody please tell me what I should do to fix the error?

      thanks indeed!

    • Anonymous - 2002-11-03

      Well, I have the following solution: Delete the user, and create him again, with a new password.
      Thats the way I work, simple and fast. And you don't have to delelete his website and email adress!


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