Anonymous - 2013-02-19

Webmin doesn't seem to be able to browse for shares on a WinXP box in disk and network filesystems. The problem seem to be that Webmin uses anonymous browsing to discover the shares but XP won't return any results unless one uses a valid uname/passwd combo.
There is no problem for Linux boxes or for Win7 boxes, they return a share list fine. It's not a problem either accessing the cifs share and mounting it in disk and network filesytems, I can enter the share name and mount the cifs share properly, only it can't browse for the share names which fine provided one knows the share names.

Webmin browses for shares with smb_share.cgi. The relevant line of code is;

&execute_command("$config{'smbclient_path'} -d 0 -L $in{'server'} -N", undef, \$out, \$out);

It's the -N switch that sets anonymous browse.

Is there a fix in Webmin for this or some way to configure XP to respond to anonymous browse requests?