SSL Install Problem

  • marc

    marc - 2007-01-04

    I am trying to install the SSL support for webmin.

    I select the option to have webmin download and install Net::SSLeay, but it seems to just hang after downloading

    Any thoughts?

    • Leland V. Lammert, PhD

      Any thoughts would have to be preceeded by the information required to generate said thoughts:

      > OS
      > OS Version
      > Webmin versino
      > What packages are you installing?

      Given the question posed, the only possible answer is that you don't have the proper SSL library.

      • marc

        marc - 2007-01-04

        > OS - CentOS
        > OS Version - release 4.4 (Final)
        > Webmin versino -  Version 1.300
        > What packages are you installing?

        I am trying to install the packages Webmin installs by default.
        When I select SSL Encryption under Webmin Configuration, I get the following message:

        The Net::SSLeay perl module does not appear to be installed on your system. To install the OpenSSL library and Net::SSLeay, follow these instructions from the Webmin website.

        Alternately, you can have Webmin download and install the required Net::SSLeay Perl module for you.

        The words "download and install" are linked to the following:


        That link downloads two files, but nothing ever seems to get installed. It just hangs.


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