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  • Hooonza

    Hooonza - 2006-12-03

    1st I ask you to be benevolent with my question because I am a beginner of Linux (I use Mandriva). Tx.

    Logged as an user (not root) I can start Webmin from the console. After "su" command and root password I type "webmin" and the Webmin runs.

    How to create a Start menu item? E.g., I have other items as "Krusader - start as root". I click on it and then I see a little window, where I can type a root password and then Krusader with root rights start.

    I tried to make a command like it "webmin -caption "%c" %i %m" or "su webmin" but it doesn't work. Well I do not manage command line well... Can I have any this item?

    Thankl you!


    • Hooonza

      Hooonza - 2006-12-04

      Wow, I find out the result now: I don't need to do everything I ask about... It's enough if I type "https://localhost:10000/" into the browser address line... Thanks!



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