cole - 2009-04-13

Hello thread, I'm not sure if this has been asked before, a cursory "search" on the forum turns up nothing.  Next stop is the mail-list if this doesn't provide a good answer (although, likely as not, the forum and the list turn up the same info).

What we would like to do is have our users (academic environment) request an account on the server where webmin is being used, so that one of our "admin staff" (read: faculty or senior student, assuming correct permissions, etc) can "approve" the useradd request.  Concept being, a class of 30 students starting at the beginning of the semester, can each goto a webpage on the site, fill in the appropriate boxes on a webform, that info (including their IP, or whatever, for logging - this part not necessary) gets logged and then an "admin" comes along behind and clicks to add each user as appropriate, or flag the record as dirty and remove it from the scratch-list.

Has something like this been done before?  If not, got any good pointers - for instance, scratch file maintenance for the interim of adding or removing (dirty) requests - for someone who's not done any serious work of this kind in the past?

Natch I don't want to reinvent the wheel, and if it's been posted and discussed elsewhere, a link would be appreciated.

Cheers, and thanks!