Patrick Legault - 2009-01-20

I have a big question here.
I am currently working on a hosting solution that use webmin to automate some tasks.
My big problem at this time is, to detect users that are disabled under webmin.

I am able to use webmin to disable users but i am working on a way to read the /etc/passwd file via a script and automate my enabling/disabling of unix account.
Is there a flag or some syntax that i could use to detect via this method if the account is enabled or not?

My script, on a regular basis parse a database and validate that the proper account are enabled and disabled. i would rather like to not ask webmin for each query related to an account than doing so as this is resource consuming.

if an account is listed disabled in the system but enabled in the database, it will use webmin to enable it.
(This is my big problem at this time) i have no clue how to work this detail since i just want this account not all account to be re-enabled via webmin even if they are already enabled.

Thanks for the update.