Themes and Cascading Style Sheets

  • aveatquevale

    aveatquevale - 2005-03-23

    Is CSS supported for themes? I haven't seen any examples of themes based on CSS rather than attribute tags scattered throughout the HTML, but perhaps I've just missed them.

    • Anonymous - 2005-03-23


      if you want to create a theme with CSS you are welcome to do so. In the end please keep in mind that your theme may not be viewable in text-only browsers like lynx or links.

      There are admins out there who are using these browsers and to my knowledge they do not support CSS.

      kind regards

      Webmin Translation Team

    • aveatquevale

      aveatquevale - 2005-03-25

      Thanks.  My intended application for webmin (actually usermin) is not of a general nature, so I can assume the user population has a browser. I had not even thought about Lynx.   I am just using the framework for some custom applications, so I will be removing from usermin almost all the standard plugins.
         Subsequent to my post, I looked at the demo usermin site. It seems to use CSS, although a lot of tags bear attributes which can be avoided with CSS. I'll study it to see how it was done. If I make any noticeable discoveries, I'll contribute a short document.


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