mtinman - 2009-03-27

Hey All, I'm having a problem with the Mysql Module in cAos Linux, and need some help. I have mysql installed and working, but when I navigate to the Webmin Mysql Module page, it is blank, with no module config link. The only things I have changed in Mysql (for security purposes) were the following:

1. Set the mysql root password.
2. Dropped the test database.
3. Delete from user where not (host="localhost" and user="root")
4. Update user set user="mydbadmin" where user="root"

I'm not sure if this issue is related to what I changed, or if the cAos Linux mysql installation is somehow set up differently than other versions of Linux I have used in the past. I have had no problems with this module on several other Distros, just cAos Linux in particular. If anyone has suggestions or fixes, please let me know. Thanks in advance...