Help with LDAP

  • die_man98

    die_man98 - 2007-09-08

    I keep getting this everytime I try to add an LDAP user or Group, anybody have any ideas? I have the most current version of webmin and modules. 

    Failed to save user : Failed to add user to LDAP database : objectClass: value #3 provided more than once

    Oh, I forgot, I am running RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0.

    • gandolf

      gandolf - 2008-03-06
      • Andres Yacopino

        Andres Yacopino - 2008-05-07

        I managet to added users to ldap, doing this:

        In ldap users and groups module configuration i setup:

        -Configure authenticacion to bind to ldap.
        -Show fields for given name and surname? I choose no
        -Other objectClasses to add to new users: top organizationalPerson inetOrgPerson
        -Give all Unix users the person object class? i choose yes

        Then i have the problem that the groups weren 't returned from ldap(first group) so i configured the linux authentication to use nss_ldap and pam.


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