Problem installing Custom Command

  • gim

    gim - 2007-11-16

    I'm trying to install the "Custom Commands" module but I have a problem. I'm using a preinstalled Webmin over a virtual (VMware) appliance. The base OS is Fedora C4, the Webmin version was 1.370 and I upgraded it to the last version 1.380. The original installation lack the "Custom Commands" module, maybe by design by the creator of the appliance. I try to install it, first directly from the website and then trying to download it and install from local drive. Every time it fails to install. The following message is an example:

    Downloading custom.wbm.gz ..
    Downloading (66072 bytes) ..
         Received 1024 bytes (1 %)
         Received 7168 bytes (10 %)
         Received 13312 bytes (20 %)
         Received 20480 bytes (30 %)
         Received 26624 bytes (40 %)
         Received 33792 bytes (51 %)
         Received 39936 bytes (60 %)
         Received 47104 bytes (71 %)
         Received 53248 bytes (80 %)
         Received 60416 bytes (91 %)
         Received 66072 bytes (100 %)
    .. download complete.
    The following modules have been successfully installed and added to your access control list :

          SQLgrey in /usr/libexec/webmin/custom (984 kB) under category Servers

    So, as you can see, it state that the new installed module is SQLgrey, under Servers category!
    The SQLgrey module it's already installed, because it's needed (it's an antispam appliance).
    What's wrong?

    Ciao from gianluca

    • gim

      gim - 2007-11-19

      I'm sorry, I was so stupid. I can't figure out that what I call "SQLgrey module" it's the "Custom Commands module" with two customized buttons for thw SQLgrey sw. I apologize for that.

      Ciao from Gianluca

    • gandolf

      gandolf - 2008-03-06

      module is installed by default.


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