John Nagle - 2012-01-19

Having just suffered through the hassles of getting "suexec" to play nice with webmin, my general feeling is one of disgust.

I'm using "webmin" only, without "virtualmin", because I just wanted  a simple open source control panel to manage a single-domain server. CPanel and Plesk are overkill for this, and now have substantial monthly charges.  So I chose Webmin, and loaded it onto a fresh CentOS server.

So Webmin leads me to put an account under /home, while Apache's "suexec" wants it under "/var/www". That's the big mistake. Webmin is just a control panel, and ought to play nice with Apache as it out of the box.  I've read through all the convoluted directions for installing the Virtualmin-customized version of Apache, but I don't want to use some non-standard distro from Virtualmin. Rebuilding Apache is possible but, again, should be unnecessary.

The easiest thing to do is to put user home directories under /var/www, and websites under /var/www/USERNAME/public_html.  That just requires some setup at the webmin level. Then everything just works.

So why isn't that the default?