Martijn - 2010-07-29

I'm in a company with 100+ Linux-based servers (among other things).
We've been using Webmin for a little while now, and it's certainly proved itself useful in many situations.

I've been wondering about the cluster modules. It has some features we'd like to use, but there are some problems which make it more difficult to use in our situation than should IMHO be necessary.
Of course, those 100+ Linux servers aren't a cluster, but some centralized systems management would be nice.
Question: Are the cluster modules supposed to be used in this way at all?

The most notable thing that could do with improvement is a good method for selecting the servers on which to distribute an action.
It's usually a simple selection box in which the servers aren't sorted. This works, but only if you don't have 100 servers or more. :-)
The one in Cluster Webmin Servers is the best one so far, but lacks an easy way to delete servers from the list (in bulk). I like the way it works in the Webmin Servers Index, with the check boxes.
I'll just give my suggestions here:
- The interfaces for the cluster modules could use a chooser for generating a server list on which to perform cluster actions.
- The chooser could show a full list of servers, with the chosen servers checked (checkbox) or highlighted.
- The chooser could have a mechanism for (un)select servers based on group, as well as individually, and include (un)select all.
- The active selection could carry over to future cluster actions, but only within a session, or if it can be personalized.

How does this sound? Is this a possibility?

Best regards,