LDAP Authentication Issues

  • Anthony Murabito


    I've spent about an entire week reading and configuring the LDAP plugin for Webmin 1.470. Currently, LDAP authentication works for any LDAP user who SSH's into my server. It looks as if I am on the verge of getting Webmin itself to authenticate through LDAP as well, I can select LDAP users through the

    "Convert existing Unix users to Webmin users"

    feature within the "Webmin Users" Module, however, after I select an LDAP user from the pop menu and click OK, that user is never added.

    I can see all of the LDAP users in this pop up window, but when OK is clicked, webmin tells me that it has skipped adding all of the local users (who really aren't users). here is the text I am referring to:

    root being skipped
    bin being skipped
    daemon being skipped
    lp being skipped
    mail being skipped
    games being skipped
    wwwrun being skipped
    ftp being skipped
    nobody being skipped
    messagebus being skipped
    haldaemon being skipped
    uuidd being skipped
    postfix being skipped
    ntp being skipped
    named being skipped
    at being skipped
    polkituser being skipped
    dhcpd being skipped
    suse-ncc being skipped
    man being skipped
    news being skipped
    uucp being skipped

    The issue, is that no LDAP user is ever added, or allowed to authenticate. /var/log/messages displays Apr  2 10:05:12 dns2 webmin[24403]: Invalid login as adm4 from x.x.x.x

    This occurs when I attempt to login using my valid credentials as an LDAP user. I can login with the predefined webmin users fine that don't involve LDAP.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Let me know if you need any more information & thanks in advance!

    • Anthony Murabito

      also, this is running on an opensuse 11.1 server


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