There are two bits missing from the original samba which in the /usr/share/webmin/samba4 directory there is a file config without an extension.
These details are the timing values for the cli output if you paste them to /etc/webmin/samba4 then things work a little better.
I am trying to work out why and how they are included in the normal package and copying the base hasn't brought them over?

Its been over 10 years since any dev/hacking and complete noob to perl. So apologies about my truly awful attempts.
LOL, ps with perl string concatenation if I want to do foo .= foo . bar why does it not work?

I am going to do the domain join today and generally I am slowly gathering speed.
Help and input would be greatly appreciated.

PS I am not joking haven't got a clue about perl and definitely over 10 years since I did anything like this.
For anyone with a tad of experience and knowledge webmin must be a breeze to create modules. Or is it the complexity of all the distro's?