using the at module

  • Ing-Long Eric Kuo

    I have tried to use the at module's create_atjob with no luck.  I did  &foreign_require("at", "");  at the beginning of the function sub apply_iptables

    and then tried to call

    &foreign_call("at", "create_atjob", "root", "now + 3 days", "sleep 30", "/");

    but I am not able to create the job.  I tried doing it directly with open(), print(), and close() with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    • Anonymous - 2004-08-04

      Yes...instead of different items separately, create an array with the values in them, and supply that as the third option for foreign_call.

      Or if it's on the same box and there's a file in the directory where at is
      do '../at/';
      Note: if the calls any other libs, you will need to use a 'do' statement as well.


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