Amish - 2014-01-01

Ok I managed to solve it partially by also setting "Mail directory in user home directories" to "Maildir". (So now I can see Inbox e-mails as well)

Lets revise again:

1) In sendmail module configuration, I have set:
User mail file location = File under home directory
Mail file in home directory = Maildir
Mail storage type = Maildir

Now lets see attached pictures: (settings of "Read User Mail" module)
2) (Picture 1 - webmindef.png) First is default setting for "Read User Mail" i.e. "Detect location of mail files automatically" is set to "Yes, based on mail server" (which uses Sendmail settings as in step 1 above)

3) (Picture 2 - webmindef1.png) You can see that it just shows contents of Inbox when you try to read user e-mail. But does not show subfolders. (test, sent etc.) i.e. it read Maildir as Inbox but does not detect subfolders under it.

4) (Picture 3 - webmindef2.png) I changed "Detect automatically" to "No" and "Mail directory", "Folders subdirectory under home directory" both set to "Maildir"

5) (Picture 4 - webmindef3.png) You can see it now shows Inbox + subfolders, but it also shows "dovecot.mailbox.log" as a folder!! (this is a bug + its log file and not a directory)

Note: if in step 4) I dont set "Mail directory" it does not show Inbox but just folders under it.

Also I think when settings are done as in step 1 and step 2 is set to automatic, then internally Webmin should automatically set "Folders subdirectory" as "Maildir", too.

This will make it truely automatic.


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