#966 Invalid log file : ...


I must admit I do not really know how to use webalizer.
However, I just took the default configuration of
webmin to manage webalizer. Just verified that webmin
found the correct paths. I have apache and squid on the
machine and so, there are three logs being monitored.

I just changed one parameter for squid.log :
"Write report to directory".

For this Parameter, I put the value
"/var/www/html/stats/". This directory exists and
should be writable by root (under which webalizer runs
by default).

Then I clicked "Generate report" and it seemed to work
(except a lot of truncated lines, but I think it is
normal). Then I tried to view the report and I get the
error "Invalid log file : var".

The URL that gave me this is :


Apparently webmin does not interpret correctly the %2F.

Replacing the parameter explained above with /etc/...
gave me the error "Invalid log file : etc".


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-02-04

    Logged In: YES

    What is the URL of the page that the error actually occurs on?
    Also, which browser are you using?
    I haven't been able to re-produce this bug myself yet ..

  • Vincent Panel

    Vincent Panel - 2003-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    I forgot to mention that I'm using webalizer through a "webmin
    proxied" connection : I use the "webmin servers". The
    complete URL is :


    (X.X.X.X is a valid IP adress)

    It is not a browser problem as I got this error using IE5.0 or
    Netscape 7.0.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    The Webmin Servers module is the true cause of the problem
    .. it will be fixed in the next (1.070) release to solve it.
    Thanks for the bug report!

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-02-05
    • status: open --> closed

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