#4368 System information wrong total and used space


The total disk space and the used disk space reported on the system information screen are wrong.

This is what webmin reports: Local disk space 908.77 GB used, 1.13 TB total

This is the result of fdisk
S.ficheros Tamaño Usados Disp Uso% Montado en
/dev/sda1 228G 5,3G 211G 3% /
udev 3,9G 4,0K 3,9G 1% /dev
tmpfs 1,6G 876K 1,6G 1% /run
none 5,0M 0 5,0M 0% /run/lock
none 3,9G 76K 3,9G 1% /run/shm
/dev/sdc1 932G 892G 40G 96% /media/4B4F27C66876A37C
/dev/sdb1 932G 865G 68G 93% /media/3B986FAE69D8AEF3

As it can be realized i have two 1TB Hdds and 1 250Gb disk making a total of 2092Gb and at least 319Gb free space which is not what webmin reports!!


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2014-02-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2014-02-04

    This is a known bug in 1.670 that will be fixed in the next release. If you need a solution for it sooner, you can install the 1.675 development version from http://www.webmin.com/devel.html

  • manusoftar

    manusoftar - 2014-02-07

    That has been told for a long time now but still not fixed (nothing personal) but previous versions also had this bug and also promised that it would be fixed on the next release and it is not fixed yet so far.- Hope 1.675 does actually fix it though

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2014-02-07

    Previous versions had this bug, but for different reasons :-(

    Working out how much local disk space exists is actually non-trivial, as some systems have NFS or SMB remote mounts that should be excluded, loopback mounts of other filesystems, multiple mounts from ZFS pools that share disk space, mounts like /proc that don't even have disk space and all kinds of other crazy stuff.


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