#4040 Fatal error after updating to webmin 1.570-1


Postfix can't send any email to ""root@$domain"" which's an alias for my email address since I updated webmin to the 1.570-1 version. I'didn't change anything in postfix's configuration. I have the some problem in 2 others servers where webmin is running.

the error:
** postfix/sendmail[10253]: fatal: Recipient addresses must be specified on the command line or via the -t option"

1) does any one have any idea ?
2) how can i do to get more information about this bug (how to have a higher debug leve in postfixl ? ...)

If you wish to have any further information about this bug, I remain at your disposal.



  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2012-01-13

    How are you sending those emails .. from within Webmin, or some other mail client?

    Also, a Webmin upgrade shouldn't touch your Postfix settings at all.

  • taranis

    taranis - 2012-01-16

    thank you for your replay.
    I use the "System and Server Status" module. Before the webmin upgrade, I received an alert mail if I have problems in my server. This alert mail was sent to ""root"" which's an alias for my email address (this alias is defined in /etc/aliases).
    If I use another email address without an alias I receive the mail alert.

    Scheduled background monitoring options:
    -Send email when : When a service goes down
    -Send mail via : Local mail server

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2012-01-17

    One thing you could try is changing the "Send mail via" option to "localhost" , so mail is sent via SMTP rather than the sendmail or postfix command.

  • taranis

    taranis - 2012-01-17

    I changed the "Send mail via" option, now i received email but with error:
    Error: SMTP command data
    failed : 554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients
    configuration :
    Email status report to : Email status report to root ( root is an alias for my address mail)

    But if I defined my mail address ( without alias ) I get the correct alert mail:
    Email status report to : Email status report to "me@$mydomain"

    It seems like an error of alias ?

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2012-01-17

    What do you have to the "Email status report to" field set to on the "Scheduled Monitoring" page? It should be something like root@yourhostname , instead of just root .

  • taranis

    taranis - 2012-01-18

    I use to set only "root" in the filed of "Email status report to" and it'was OK (i received mail alert) until I update webmin.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2012-01-18

    Does it help if you change it to root@yoursystemshostname ?

  • taranis

    taranis - 2012-01-19

    Yes I get the email alert if I use "root@yoursystemshostname".
    - - -
    I downgraded webmin to the 1.56 version and defined only "root" ( as before the upgrade) in the filed of "Email status report to" : I received the alert mail.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2012-01-20

    I'd recommend staying on 1.570, and adding @hostname to the email address ... an un-qualified address like root isn't really reliable, as your mail server could potentially sent it to another domain.


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