#3409 Hebrew Unicode Chars Garbled


File/folder names with Hebrew text (stored by the Ubuntu 9.04 file system as Unicode) are not being correctly displayed by the file manager. I don't know if they are being interpreted incorrectly, or the font being used simply does not contain the characters needed to render the string correctly.

For example הצעת מחיר לשלושה רישיונות.pdf
becomes הצעת מחיר לשלושה רישיונות.pdf

The option "Attempt to use proper character set?" does not have any effect.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, list.cgi displays the Hebrew file names correctly.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2009-06-13

    In that case, it seems likely that the problem is with Java - it isn't converting those unicode strings for display properly.

    Do you see this same problem on different browsers and operating systems?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The original problem occurred (and continues to occur) on Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.5b99 and the Sun JRE (1.6.0_14). Also with the latest stable release of Firefox 3.0.11.

    Then I tested with Vista x32 SP1 and Firefox 3.0.11, JRE 1.6.0_14. Same problem, but the characters displayed were different (yet still unreadable) - I can only presume a different font was being used.

    On Ubuntu 9.04 Server with Firefox 3.0.11, OpenJDK 6 & Iced Tea, the characters displayed properly but it seems the line height of text was not being calculated correctly. I.e in the list of files, the selection bar (gray that shows a row being selected) was highlighting partial rows, sometimes far off what was actually selected.

    On Ubuntu 9.04 Server with Firefox 3.0.11, Sun JRE 6.13.1 and the Sun Java Browser plugin 6.13.1, everything works as expected.

    So I can only presume this is a problem with the configuration of the JRE on Windows? All machines have the prerequisites installed with the default settings.

  • Agnawt

    Agnawt - 2009-06-29

    Just an update:
    Still no joy with this issue after testing with IE 7, Safari 4.0 and Chrome on Windows XP SP3. Clearly this is not a browser issue.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This also happens with:
    - Xubuntu 8.10 / Opera 9.60
    - Xubuntu 8.10 / Firefox 3.0.2
    - W2K Pro + SP4 / Opera 9.60
    My server runs Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS with Webmin 1.480, but there's no difference with 1.470

    The file manager in Webmin can't access, rename or delete a directory 'Полное собрание соч'. Since I don't know how to type that name on the command line, the only workaround is to share a directory, so the directory in it can be renamed on a Windows machine.


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