#3228 When deleting a virtual host, webmin empties the config file


System: Kubuntu 8.04.1, Apache 2.2.8

Webmin version: 1.441 (Marked as 1.440 since 1.441 isn't in the group list yet)

Browser being used: Firefox 3.0.1

Problem description:

On a Debian based system, apache handles the enabling of sites by putting a symbolic link from /etc/apache2/sites-available into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

When you delete a virtual host from the webmin frontend, it not only deletes the symlink from sites-enabled, it also empties out (but doesn't delete) the file in sites-available.

This is unnecessary since apache ignores configurations that aren't in the sites-enabled directory.

Understandably no other unix system uses the sites-{available,enabled} layout, but since webmin seems to know to get rid of the symbolic link, it should probably not also empty out the file in sites-available.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2008-11-01
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2008-11-01

    This is a bug, although in my opinion the real error is that Webmin doesn't delete the sites-available/foo.com.conf file when it should. Because Webmin (and Apache) has no concept of a 'disabled' domain, it doesn't make any sense to leave the sites-available file around.

    If you want a way to disable websites that is not debian-specific, Virtualmin (a Webmin extension) has this capability.


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